Enjoy fresh root-ball lettuce every day

Deliscious root-ball salad is not only delicious, as the name suggests, but has a long life as well.
Thanks to its root-ball, it keeps its freshness and crispiness for a long time, especially if you
give the root-ball a drop of water every day. Root-ball lettuce offers you the chance to make
endless variations for healthy and hearty salads. Or why not garnish a cheese sandwich with a
few freshly plucked leaves from the lettuce? There are countless ways of enjoying our delicious
fresh root-ball lettuce.
Mark & Roy Delissen

Our root-ball lettuce


‘Deliscious’ root-ball lettuce comes in three varieties, each with its own distinctive flavour:


a wonderful mix of three types of lettuce: Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biondo, and oak leaf lettuce.

Salanova Red

a lettuce with character, a dark red colour, and a sharp flavour.

Salanova Green

nice and crispy lettuce with a delightfully fresh flavour.


Love my salad

lovemysalad-logoRoot ball lettuce makes the best salads in a wink. Visit Lovemysalad.com for the most delicious recipes, new salad ideas and a salapedia. You will be inspired by all the recipes, tips and stories.


If you would like to know about our company watch our company film or visit our detailed website.


Fresh, quality, sustainable

Fresh, quality, and sustainable are what Deliscious is all about. In the greenhouses of our family business in Midden-Limburg (The Netherlands), we use the latest techniques to cultivate lettuce seeds into delicious fresh root-ball lettuce. We also cultivate genuine ‘green’ lettuce with the help of LED lighting, climate-controlled spaces, green energy and rainwater. We are proud of our company and would be pleased to demonstrate to you how we grow delicious root-ball lettuce in an efficient manner – so that you can enjoy crispy and fresh root-ball lettuce all year round! If you would like to know about our company, watch our company film or visit our detailed website.

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